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Additional Information

In addition to his private practice, Dr Markov is also involved in:

  • Teaching and examining of medical students with the University of Melbourne
  • Education of trainee rheumatologists.
  • Advising the Victorian and Commonwealth Health Departments on health care complaint handling and professional standards
  • The Administrative Appeals Tribunal Providing independent merits review of a wide range of administrative decisions made by the Australian Government ministers and departments
  • The Professional Services Review Protecting patients and the community from the risks associated with inappropriate practice and to protect the Commonwealth from having to meet the cost of medical/health services provided as a result of inappropriate practice.

Dr Markov obtained his medical degree at the University of Melbourne, and undertook post-graduate training at several

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hospitals in Melbourne

He completed a two year Rheumatology fellowship at New York University Medical Centre (incl Hospital for Joint Diseases) before returning to Australia to establish his specialist practice

In 2013, Dr Markov took sabbatical leave with his family for 12 months, working as a hospital rheumatologist at University Hospital Galway, Ireland. Whilst there, he taught medical students at the National University of Ireland, and helped train post-graduate doctors.

Below please find links to various rheumatology and arthritis websites which may be of interest: